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29 January 2012 @ 06:10 pm
Chapter 8 Review: "Your past has a long reach"  
Happy New Year!~
I will be taking a hiatus. My next chapter review will be on the second week of March

01 Introduction
02 Visual Examination
03 Plot and Narrative
04 Characterization
05 Dialogue
06 Quote Reference
07 Fan Reaction
08 Closing

"L's Theme A" for Introduction
"L's Theme B" for music while reviewing
"Let it die" by Foo Fighters between breaks and for Closing

click me and listen to it here!

  • The chapter runs 36:16 including instrumental tracks. I'm all sneezy and shit while recording this. My Introduction pretty much says that. I also announced my hiatus. Hard to breathe and talk but I managed to pull through anyway :p I'm awesome that way.

  • Long-angled shots for the panel sequences in this chapter as discussed in Visual Examination. Gibbons is doing a variation with his grid layout. Some splicing is also ever-present, combining scenes happening simultaneously. It has a movie-feel to them. Everything has a dynamic vibe.

  • Plot pacing and development is more brisk with the action and suspense. Like in film, it's cut-to-cut scenes in every page. The effect is something to be desired. Readers pick up the pacing easily but are still able to enjoy the twists and turns as well.

  • Nothing new in regards to Characterization, except for the appearance of retired heroes Hollis and Sally reminiscing; as well as that tiny insight on Nite Owl's partnership with Rorschach in the old days. Everything is a nostalgic visit in this chapter. And the fact that Walter Kovacs is a badass.

  • Nothing so memorable about the Dialogue aspect, except the tragic prose Tales of the Black Freighter always convey. They're particularly jarring in this chapter.

  • Quote Reference on Halloween, thematic and it bleeds in the final pages so heartbreakingly. I'm sneezy and a little teary-eyed at the same time.

  • Personal song choice once more. Foo says it all.

The imagery for this chapter overall is chilling. The action has escalated and the plot has evolved into something more sinister than I originally anticipated. You have learned to care so much about these characters, even the sideline ones. Everyone is caught up with things they're running away from and things they are forced to face. Moore's storytelling here has a gripping quality that made me want to read the next chapter immediately. Too bad for hiatus. Need to take care of my health now.
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