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04 November 2011 @ 05:51 pm
Chapter 4 Review : "Perhaps nothing is made."  

Dedicated to euchryz_19. Special mention: findmyantidrug

01 Quote from Watchmen Motion Comics
02 Introduction
03 Visual Examination
04 Characterization
05 A Scrutiny of the Narrative
06 Quote Reference
07 Fan Reaction to Dr. Manhattan
08 Closing
"Light's Theme" for Opening and while reviewing
"Time Lapse Lifeline" by Maria Taylor between breaks and for Closing
*audio clip courtesy of Watchmen Motion Comics

  • The chapter review runs 40:42 including instrumental tracks. This one has a different standard format because it's a personal chapter focused with a single character.

  • An audio clip from the Motion Comics to take listeners deeper into the review.

  • Introduction plus disclaimer. I feel very passionately about doing this review right.

  • I think it's still appropriate to do a Visual Examination. I focused more on the symbols used as oppose to mere color schemes and sequencing. I took note of the timeline shown and how Dr. Manhattan experiences all points of time simultaneously.

  • Jon Osterman in-focus in Characterization especially his transformation into Dr. Manhattan. I discussed his eventual detachment from his humanity. I also included Moore's notes from the Absolute Watchmen edition in regards with Dr. Manhattan's conception.

  • This segment A Scrutiny of the Narrative was more about the writing itself. I described the mastery of symbolic language Moore made use of.

  • Albert Einstein as a Quote Reference and my, what an insight it is!

  • Brief discussion on Fan Reaction; what the fandom thinks about the Doc.

  • I ended with another personal song choice.

This was a spell-binding chapter that changed the way I see and appreciate things. Dr. Manhattan's disconnection pierces through and the level of complexity was even heightened through Moore's prose and Gibbon's precise symbols about time and brevity. There are so many quotable statements in this chapter. I am impressed with the way Moore understands Jon Osterman's character and was therefore able to make readers sympathize with him while being captivated by the sheer delicacy of this chapter.