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28 May 2012 @ 07:57 pm
Chapter 10 Review: "Live on the edge by the fingernails"  
Deepest of apologies for the very long absence again after my hiatus. I cannot update that much on a bi-weekly basis but please enjoy this latest episode!

01 Introduction
02 Visual Examination
03 Plot Pacing and Development
04 Characterization
05 Dialogue
06 Quote Reference
07 Closing

"Black of Hair" for intro
"You Win or You Die" for music while reviewing
"All Along the Watchtower" by Bob Dylan between breaks

*audio clip courtesy of Watchmen Motion Comics

click me and listen to it here!

  • The chapter runs 33:57 including instrumental tracks. Introduction is another pep talk. I announce updates about my college life. I will no longer make promises on when my next episode will be posted because my schedule is an asshole and sometimes free time is just not my best friend.

  • A special treat for the Visual Examination. Gibbons is masterful again with his exceptional art metaphors which I discussed in length. The imagery for this chapter is fascinating. I don't understand how Moore and Gibbons see the world in this way and I am envious that they do--yet honored that they share this gift with the rest of us mere readers.

  • Plot Pacing and Development is brief because I usually give myself and the listeners earaches by this segment. I don't want this to be another mouthful so I am abstaining from making this segment long. But with Watchmen, it's a real challenge.

  • Some delicious amount of bromance in Characterization. Rorschach and Nite Owl are adorable! ♥ I am so interested in their partnership and history. I also appreciate more Veidt face-time. The dude is crazy handsome in purple and gold. And a cat lover at that.

  • The Dialogue aspect is strangely beguiling. A lot of deduction exchanges between Nite Owl and Rorschach. Also, the memorable line "Egyptian decor is coloring logic" appears in this chapter :p

  • Quote Reference is finally another song lyric. An excellent way to tie-up everything.

  • Bob Dylan serenading my ears. The song is just as layered as his other songs.

The chapter feels like an opening to a can of worms. The climactic angle is exciting and the stories are neatly bundled together as Gibbons and Moore continue to reinforce their signature multi-layered art and prose on them. This was a wickedly enjoyable chapter.
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