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24 December 2011 @ 01:02 pm
Chapter 7 Review : "Why, Mr. Dreiberg, you're dashing!"  
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
Dedicated to watchdom

01 Introduction
02 Visual Examination
03 Plot and Narrative
04 Characterization
05 Dialogue
06 Quote Reference
07 Fan Reaction
08 Closing

"Fukisusabu Kaze no Naka de" for Introduction
"HT" and "Ningyo Hime" for music while reviewing
"Rebirthing" by Skillet between breaks and for Closing


  • This chapter runs 32:02 including instrumental tracks. It's hardly festive but the mood is just right. I considered this a nice break from the mindfuck and the morbidity of the previous chapters.

  • The Visual Examination was an easy-breezy one. There aren't a lot of layers in this chapter and it was surprisingly humane and relatable. Gibbons maintained the nine-grid panel layout but made use of expanding ones in a few pages. I also like the change from dull to vibrant colors as the scenes escalated. The prevailing metaphor is intact.

  • I combined Plot and Narrative because this chapter is sort of a personal one while still a part of the major plot. The story revolved around Dan and Laurie's flaws and magnificence as people who eventually form a deeper bond. Moore knows the right temperature for romance. Nothing cheesy about the interactions at all. The prose is humanistic and meaningful.

  • Oh, I think Dan and Laurie may not be as complex but they are very much relevant. They have problems and insecurities a great majority of readers undergo in their own lives. That's why the Characterization spoke to me. It was unexpectedly sweet in all the right places.

  • Dan and Laurie's conversations made up the Dialogue aspect. I enjoyed getting to know them as they get to know each other; especially their masked vigilante personas.

  • Quote Reference amused me to no end.

  • I shared the views fandom has for Dan and Laurie, individually and as a couple in the Fan Reaction segment, as well as my opinions for their movie counterparts.

  • I chose a pretty hard rock song but the lyrics are just so them :p

This chapter is one of my favorites. It's such an amazing feat for Moore and Gibbons to include a chapter so full of hope and optimism when Watchmen is an ugly world of moral ambiguity and potential nuclear disasters. Dan and Laurie re-define themselves in this chapter and are therefore more able to embrace who they are when they wear their costumes. In a way, being behind the mask actually unveils them as human beings. It's wonderfully bittersweet and their dynamics are a perfect fit.
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