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26 November 2011 @ 05:34 pm
Chapter 5 Review: "Everything balances..."  

01 Introduction
02 Visual Examination
03 Plot Pacing and Development
04 Characterization
05 Dialogue
06 Quote Reference
07 Closing

"Wonders of the World" for Introduction
"Mist" for music while reviewing
"Paradise Circus" by Massive Attack between breaks and for Closing

*audio clip courtesy of Watchmen Motion Comics

  • The chapter review runs 40:34 including instrumental tracks.

  • Introduction disclosed some personal information. My updates have been quite slow lately due to RL demands. I'm struggling but I will finish Watchmen.

  • This chapter provided me with a very wide scope for Visual Examination. Everything from the previous three chapters appeared here and it's the most excruciating experience for me as I read through but it was also wonderfully masochistic. Gibbons proved his incredible grasp for this story knows no limits. Writer and artist have become one.

  • And of course, I found Plot Pacing and Development to be tedious and insufferable but I maintained humor and ended up enjoying it anyway. Moore is painstakingly diverse with his storylines and the suspense he creates makes me shiver.

  • With the exception of doc, everyone is here. The two contrasting POVs with the TBF narratives make this chapter officially a mindfuck. I've noticed very disturbing elements at this point. Characterization alongside their scenes and settings are almost symmetrical with it and that screws with my head so much.

  • I had no idea that the language in the Dialogue aspect can consume you. Every spoken phrase has layers and they're complimented by Gibbon's visual mileage.

  • And the Quote Reference had a vice grip because William Blake's infamous poem resonates and echoes through your mind. Recite the lines yourself.

  • My personal song choice hopefully escalates the horror and beauty of this chapter.

It's simply a looking-glass chapter. There is a near-perfect symmetry in the panels. If you have a copy of the GN yourself, browse through this chapter and examine the panels. Go ahead. Some scenes are either in pairs or are parallel to each other. Everything is deliberate. Its execution is immaculate. This chapter certainly lives up to its title. Moore and Gibbons must be proud. Thanks for the mindfuck, guys.