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23 October 2011 @ 06:47 pm
Chapter 3 Review: "We gotta look out for each other"  

01 Introduction
02 Feedback
03 Visual Examination
04 Plot Placing and Development
05 Characterization
06 Dialogue
07 Quote Reference
08 Closing

"L's Theme B" for Opening, Intro remarks and breaks
"L's Theme A" while reviewing
"Illuminated" by Hurts for Closing

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  • This chapter review runs 49:24 including instrumental tracks.

  • Introduction is shortened which included opening remarks. I announced myself in :p

  • I included a segment for feedback because of two fanmails I received (but it won't be constant, I believe). I read and answered them in this segment. Thank you for the insights and suggestions, dearest listeners. Keep those fanmail coming.

  • We carry on with Visual Examination and here I discussed the "splicing" method employed by Gibbons in the panel layout and sequencing of events. This is also where Tales of the Black Freighter comes in and it added more weight to the visual impact of the story.

  • Same splicing can also be seen in the way Moore wrote the prose of this chapter as noticeable in the Plot Pacing and Development portion. Lots of panels overlap, particularly ones that include the TBF narratives. The POV isn't Rorschach anymore and it's quite a refreshing take because Moore has expanded the scope of perspectives, introducing sideline characters that will compose the ensemble as the story evolves.

  • There is a trinity involved (or a possible love triangle?) among Dr. Manhattan, Dan and Laurie as I've mentioned in the Characterization aspect. The chapter seemed to focus on their relationships and interactions. I appreciate the sideline characters as well. Moore did a fantastic job with them.

  • Dialogue sounded very sophisticated here. Lots of jargon but it doesn't compromise the integrity of the prose itself. There's more breadth at this point.

  • A Bible quote for a Quote Reference and boy did I have fun interpreting this one!

  • No song lyrics this time so I selected a song that captures the mood of this chapter.

This is a vexing chapter that hurt my eyes and made me glance back a few pages to comprehend the next. I was challenged and that's a good thing because it means Moore and Gibbon have stepped up their game (and shit's about to get real). I had to commend Moore for his POV character. He was more relatable than Rorschach. But I might miss the paranoid SOB so I hope to read him again soon.
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We are a brutal kind!: tastyfindmyantidrug on October 25th, 2011 01:04 am (UTC)
You're always so sharp. "The world is going to end and now is the time to be courageous" - that's such a key driving force for all of the characters, I love how you put that. I'd not considered the possibility that the chapter is intentionally split into threes to echo the trinity - idk, I wouldn't put it past Moore to format it that way intentionally, especially given Jon's importance in the chapter and the title. I love your discussion of the quote reference; just kind of sitting here thinking about it especially re: the last chapters and how it connects there.

Looking forward to your review for Watchmaker! ♥
Ekairidium: Peter Pan takes Wendy to spaceeka_kwentista on October 25th, 2011 04:41 am (UTC)
Thanks!I really appreciate your feedback and for your support with my podcast. It's really nice for you to share my enthusiasm on Watchmen because you're one of my favorite Watchmen fanfic writers so it's been so flattering that you take the time to listen to my podcast (even though the chapter two review must have been quite an earful for you :p). Oh as for the quote reference, I took another listen to that and I can't believe I said those things :p I always get that iffy when I interpret bible quotes in general. And now that I think about it, you're right about how that might connect to the last chapters somehow. And the whole trinity thing is just my Rorschach sensibilities speaking, really.

I have just started on Watchmaker yesterday but only on the introductory part

Thank you so much for always tuning in! :) It really means a lot to me :))